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Providing Payment Processing Service

Magellanic facilitates the interaction of complex processes and payment systems. With the help of Magellanic, you can easily centralize, standardize payment processing, which will significantly increase the efficiency of your online business.


Realtime Routing

Magellanic's routing engine chooses the best possible route between parties and users to optimize all inbound and outbound transactions in real-time settings. Magellanic, with the help of the built-in back office, allows employees to make changes to the functionality without the involvement of technical specialists.


Setup and Integrations

Easy customization and integration of software into your current design and smoothly functional, which will make it possible to create and manage your own and unique billing account, with the help of which you can operate locally, but work globally.


Rich Reporting Functionality

the creation of reports on the parameters of payment methods, currencies, amount, geography, dates, which can be easily edited, downloaded, filtered, aggregated, and formatted as required per regulatory requirements or merchant needs.


Compliance & Safety

Ensuring PCI DSS and IT security compliance and secure processing of payment information that is transmitted directly to Magellanic modules.



Custom development and provisioning and ready-to-customize checkout options for checkout functionality that are suitable for many different use cases and business models.


Why Choose Magellanic?

  • PCI DSS Level 1 Certified
  • A single contract and integration
  • Instant access to vendor portfolios and market entry
  • Reduced operational costs and competitive pricing
  • Components for web and mobile commerce
  • KYC and fraud management software
  • Simulator and rules engine for real-time payment routes
  • Service for encryption and tokenization
  • Audit trail and role management
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • 24/7 Customer Support
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With Magellanic, you can find new payment solutions, risk management, KYC, and a complete back-office application suite for managing payments in a secure, compliant manner.

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